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Foods of India are better known for its spiciness. Throughout India, be it North India or South India, spices are used generously in food. But one must not forget that every single spice used in Indian dishes carries some or the other nutritional as well as medicinal properties. Indian food is its spices and it rightly known as the ‘home of spice’.Rice is the staple starch for the majority of Indian people and in south India they cook rice in a vast range of flavours, colours and texture. In North Indian states, however flat bread is the traditional staples, but today people throughout the country tend to eat a balance of both.

(Minimum 250gm)
   Plain Rice
   Green Salad
   Bhondi Raita

(Minimum 250gm)
   Dal Fry
   Jeera Rice
   Aloo Jeera
   Tomato Soup
   Sweet Corn Soup
   Aloo Chhole
   Dal Palak
   Purl(min. 1Kg)

(Minimum 250gm)
   Dal Fry Butter
   Dal Dhaba
   Dal Makhani
   Chana Masala
   Gatta Masala
   Aloo Pyaz
   Veg Pulao

   Gobi Matter Tarkari
   Veg. Harabhara
   Veg. Biryani
   Mix Veg.
   Malai Kofta
   Papad Bhurji
   kadi Pakora
   Dum Aloo Jaykedar/Kashmiri/Bikaneri

   Kadhai Panner
   Mutter Panner
   Veg. Lakhnavi
   Veg. Makhanwala
   Tomato Dilbahar
   Sarso ka Saag (Seasonal)
   Paneer Butter Masala
   Kafriyali Kofta
   Bombay Veg.
   Hariyali Kofta
   Gobhi Achari
   Palak Paneer
   Chutney Lahsun ki

   Chilly Panner(Dry/Gravy)
   Veg. Manchurian
   Mushroom Fried Rice
   Veg Kolhapuri
   Veg. Jhalfrizi
   Handi Paneer
   Paneer Takatak
   Paneer Pudina Masala
   Paneer kurchan
   Hydrabadi Biryani
   Haryali Paneer
   Shahi Paneer
   Mutter Mushroom
   Kumb Hara Dhaniya

   Khoya Paneer
   Paneer Tikka Masala
   Paneer Tikka Lababdar
   Paneer Toofani
   Paneer Bhurji
   Paneer Methi Malai
   Malai Mushroom
   Dum Biryani

   Navratan Khorma
   Mushroom Masala
   Paneer Pasanda
   Paneer Baby Corn
   Paneer Tikka Dry

(Minimum 250gm)
   Kaju Curry (Sweet)
   Kaju Masala
   Jaipur Ki Shaan (Min. 500gm)

South Indian
   Chef Special Dosa 140/-
   Plain Dosa 60/-
   Masala Dosa 60/-
   Rawa Plain Dosa 70/-
   Rawa Masala Dosa 95/-
   Mysore Masala Dosa 100/-
   Spring Dosa 110/-
   Cheese Mush. Garlic Dosa 140/-
   Tomato Onion Uttapam 90/-
   Mix Veg. Uttampam 90/-
   Paneer Uttapam 110/-
   Idli Sambhar 60/-
   Fried Idli 80/-
   Sambhar Vada 60/-
   South Indian Platter 150/-

Tandoor Se
   Tandoori Roti 5/-
   Tandoori Butter 8-/
   Tawa Butter 9/-
   Tawa Chapati 6/-
   Missi Roti 21/-
   Plain naan 23/-
   Butter Naan 32/-
   Lachcha Parantha 27/-
   Stuffed Naan 50/-
   Garlic Naan 45/-
   Onion Kulcha 32/-
   Junglee Roti 22/-
   Roti ki Tokri 130/-

   Margherita 110/-
   Contadino 140/-
   Delux Veggi 140/-
   Chef Special 165/-
   O.T.C. Pizza 160/-
Italian Choices
   Alfredo (White Pasta) 180/-
   Arrabiata (Red Pasta) 175/-
   Baked Vegetables 170/-
Mini Meal
   Chole Bhature 80/-
   Pav Bhaji 80/-
   Amritsari Stuffed Kulche with Chole 100/-
   Rajma Rice 100/-
   Chole Rice 100/-